About- MaryOFoundationMary O Foundation is my passion in action. I also for a long time was a single mother with two children. More often than not,

I almost found myself homeless and broke but somehow, God always send people to help me and my children and this is one major reason why Mary O Foundation was birthed. This foundation is for single mothers, widows and children and we aim to provide opportunities that will equip them with the necessary tools needed to grow into

  • Providing relief and food for widows during Covid-19 with the help of Pastor Benjamin Akanni

Our Objectives

  • Improve the lives of improvised women and children through education and more.
  • Provide a home for women and children at risk and victim of abuse (sexual/physical/emotional abuse, child labor and abandonment).
  • Rehabilitate and counsel women and children from exploitative situationand assist them to fulfill their dreams.
  • Promote literacy and skills training for the children and adult
  • Equip women and children with skills and resources to become self-sufficient.
Our Vision
  • Every woman and child should get an opportunity to live life in its full dimension without any discrimination, want or need./span>