About Us


Our Vision:

Our Vision is to ensure the well-being of underserved children,women, and the homeless through access to nutritious food, education, healthcare, and spiritual wellness

Our Mission:

Building a world where all women,children, and the homeless get the opportunity to live life in full dimension equipped with love and support without discrimination, want or need


MARY O FOUNDATION reflects my passion in action. Having experienced the challenges of being a single mother, teetering on the edge of homelessness and financial hardship, I comprehend the stark contrast between having and lacking. This understanding propelled the creation of the Mary O Foundation, with a mission centered on supporting single mothers, children, widows, the homeless, and more.

At MaryO Foundation, our aim is to provide essential tools such as education, feeding, skills training, and development.
Our Education program strives to reintegrate children and school dropouts into the educational system, steering them away from the dangers on the streets.

The feeding programs work towards alleviating poverty, while the Skills Acquisition program equips individuals with essential training for life success.

Our goal transcends meeting material needs; we aspire to instill godly principles, fostering self-sufficiency. Moreover, we concentrate on cultivating a positive self-image, empowering our clients to make positive contributions to their communities and fostering spiritual maturity.



Mary Obilana is a dedicated individual with a strong passion for creating a positive impact within her community. Driven by a vision to assist those in need, she founded the Mary O Foundation in 2008 with the aim of providing essential support and resources to marginalized populations. Mary is motivated by a deep-seated desire to improve the lives of others, helping them overcome adversities and obstacles they may face. Her foundation has since evolved into a symbol of hope, extending aid to individuals and families grappling with challenges like homelessness, poverty, and healthcare disparities. Alongside her leadership and unwavering commitment, Mary holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and is also a talented songwriter and author.

God bless you
Mary Obilana