Our Initiatives

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    Education/Skill Training: Shape My Future (S.M.F)

    Shape My Future is a program initiative and support and opportunities for school dropouts in Africa. Understanding the importance of education in shaping a child's future, the foundation has established a scholarship program specifically designed for children aged 5-18 who are in need of assistance to stay in school, return to school, and cover their full school fees.
    Recognizing the various challenges that children face in pursuing their education, the Mary O Foundation aims to bridge the gap and ensure that every child has an equal opportunity to learn and thrive academically. By offering scholarships, the foundation hopes to alleviate the financial burden that often prevents children from attending school regularly or returning to school after dropping out.

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    School Tour: HIV/Aids initiatives

    Mary O Foundation’s HIV/AIDS school tour aims to educate secondary school students in Africa about the dangers of HIV/AIDS, with over 90% of new HIV infections occurring in low- and middle-income countries.We plan to visit and have talks and trainings with the student while leaving them with educational pamphlets resources to help them.

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    Homeless: Sheperd’s Bag

    Sheperds Bag is our Foundation's homeless program the USA starting from Houston,TX and is dedicated to providing support and assistance to individuals experiencing homelessness. The program focuses on addressing the immediate needs of these individuals by providing essential resources such as food and basic necessities.
    One of the main objectives of the program is to ensure that homeless individuals have access to nutritious meals. The Mary O Foundation collaborates with local food banks, restaurants, and volunteers to distribute food to those in need. This includes providing meals, food packages, and organizing regular food drives to ensure a consistent supply of nourishment for the homeless population.
    In addition to food, the program also aims to meet the basic needs of homeless individuals. This includes providing essential items such as clothing, blankets, personal hygiene products, and other necessities.

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    Medical Outreach: Abba’s Touch

    Abba’s Touch is dedicated to providing medical outreach in Africa, Lagos,Nigeria and our mission is to improve the health and well-being of underserved communities through free medical services with a team of dedicated healthcare professionals and volunteers, the foundation conducts medical outreaches, offering essential healthcare services, screenings, and treatments to those in need.

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    Feeding: Mary’s Box

    Mary's Box by Mary O Foundation is an initiative based in Lagos, Nigeria, that aims to provide essential food items to women and families with children. The foundation recognizes the importance of access to nutritious food for the well-being of individuals and the overall development of communities.
    Mary's Box provides a variety of food items to ensure that recipients have a well-balanced diet. These
    initiative aims to alleviate poverty one family at a time. Through this initiative, Mary O Foundation strives to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and families in Lagos. By providing essential food items, the foundation aims to ensure that women and families have access to nutritious meals, helping them lead healthier and more fulfilling lives. Our aim is to reach other parts of Nigeria and Africa

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    Evangelism Outreach

    The Mary O Foundation passionately spreads the message of Jesus through their evangelism outreach, distributing Bibles, promoting spiritual literacy, offering prayer, healing,and counselling as we faithfully follow Jesus' instruction to preach salvation to all.